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Our process is smooth and cool – way smoother than you might expect. Our incredible team takes care of all the nitty-gritty stuff. They’ll find the perfect loan for you, deal with the lenders, handle all the paperwork, and ensure you have all the necessary information to make smart choices. So, kick back and let Ascension Finance take the stress out of mortgage hunting!

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Home Loan Refinancing:
Perks and Eligibility

So, why consider home loan refinancing? A lower interest rate can reduce monthly mortgage payments and lead to long-term savings. But that’s just the beginning. You can also adjust your loan duration, use your home’s equity for renovations, a vacation, or to pay off debts.
Switching between fixed and variable rates can also be a smart financial move. Once you’ve built up enough equity in your property, you can say goodbye to Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Refinancing also allows you to consolidate high-interest debts into one.

Down Payment

Good Credit Score

Cash Reserves

DTI (Debt to Income) Ratio

Proof of Income

A Comprehensive Guide to Our Home Loan Refinance Process

Begin by assessing your financial situation for suitability in home loan refinance. Establish clear objectives, and our expert team will review a lineup of lenders, providing customised recommendations. We manage all paperwork, oversee property appraisal, and streamline loan processing. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure your property is valued appropriately.
Once all aspects receive the green light, we review the terms thoroughly. On the completion day, funds are transferred, debts settled, and all parties leave satisfied. Whether it’s mortgage loan refinance, mortgage refinance broker services, or a home loan refinance offer, trust us for a seamless and positive refinancing experience.

Why Ascension Finance for Home Loan Refinancing?

Rest assured, we won’t disappear from you! We stay in touch, checking in monthly for the first month and then annually, making sure your loan is sailing smoothly. With Ascension Finance on your side, home loan refinancing is more than just getting a better deal—it’s about ensuring your peace of mind. We’re here for you through every twist and turn of this financial rollercoaster, always having your back.

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