Investment Property Loans: A Path to Financial Growth and Security

Investing in real estate isn’t just about property; it is a gateway to financial stability, passive income, and owning that dream getaway. Long-term gains, that’s the promise. Ascension Finance gets that. We’re here to make those investment dreams a reality, providing tailored financing solutions for your aspirations. Investment property loans cover single-family homes, townhomes, condos, or multi-unit dwellings. The goal? Making returns through rentals or future resale.

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Perks and Eligibility with Property Investment

Investment property loans open doors to financial growth and dreams. Ascension Finance’s commitment to understanding needs and dishing out competitive rates makes us your go-to partner in property investments. It is not just the cash flow; property investment screams long-term appreciation. Tax perks? Think depreciation and juicy tax rates for those long-haul profits. Conventional loans streamline the process, but investment loans? You will need:

Down Payment

Good Credit Score

Cash Reserves

DTI (Debt to Income) Ratio

Proof of Income

Different Types of Investment Property Loans

Ascension Finance has got a buffet of loan options for your investment fix. Conventional bank loans are meant explicitly for mortgage purposes. A Home Equity Loan is about shelling out the existing equity and planning for the risks with your primary residence. Hard Money Loan is meant for the quick flippers but brace for higher interest rates.
Ascension Finance caters to the property-savvy, offering loans tailored to their unique vision. Tapping into your home equity for that extra property? We have got the lowdown on that, too. Picking the right one? It is all about your investment game plan. Need advice? Our loan officers have your back. We specialise in investment property mortgages, and our mortgage brokers in Newcastle are experts at helping you find the perfect loan for your needs

Why Ascension Finance for Investment Property Loans?

Ascension Finance nails it in the investment property loan game. Anything from single-family homes to multi-units; we’ve got your back. And income-producing versus non-income-producing real estate? Think rentals versus property appreciation without the rent. Ascension finance is a big deal; we are all about you. For first-time investors or property pros, our dedicated loan officers ensure you are in good hands throughout your loan journey.

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